The arpeggiator on microkorg doesn't work when clock set to ext

Hi All,

Everything was working fine until yesterday. Normally, I use the microkorg to record with and I set the clock to external (to make the korg the midi slave). However, now when I turn on the arppegiator, no sound comes out. 

I have tried different midi cables, so I know it isn't a cable issues. Is there something I need to reset in the midi settings? Again, two days ago I was not having this issues. Something just stopped working. I can't figure out if it is Ableton or the Microkorg.

The arppegiator works fine on the Microkorg when it is set to internal clock; however, I need to synch it with Ableton.

Please Help!!


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  • KassKidd
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    I am experiencing exactly the same issue... trawled the net and couldn't find an answer... maybe I should look harder ;)

    Have MIDI Clock set to external. When set to Auto I get sound but no tempo sync. MIDI is working so as I can record and playback. Channel for receiving MIDI is set correctly. Did a FAct. reset still no love..... REady to throw micro korg out 2nd story window! ! 

    WAHHHhhhhhh someone help us! 

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  • michael.j.mclaughlin20
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    hey, guys. are you setting ableton or your controllers to external sync? Whatever you are setting to sync, you have to be sending a clock from whatever the thing set to external is syncing to. For example, if you had your microkorg set to sync, then ableton would have to be sending midi clock to it, and ableton would be the master. However, you also need to have the master, in this case, ableton, have its transport running. (you need to press play) so that ableton would start sending clock info.

    5 years ago | 1 comment
  • IamAgar
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    I have another MicroKORG + Ableton + Arpegiator + MIDI + Sync issue:

    Arpegiator just cannot get in sync when I recall settings from Ableton's clip.

    I use session view with a track dedicated to MicroKORG control.

    Clips on this track send patch selection messages and sometimes notes.

    Ableton is set to MIDI master.

    MicroKORG is set to Ext sync.

    Scenes in session view have BPM specified for automatic tempo setting.

    When launching the first scene, MicroKORG goes completely out of sync. No way to play a sturdy arpegio. I then have to press all the buttons I can on it. May be turn it on and off a couple of times and eventually it'll get to the point where it's somewhat synced. This is not at all suitable for live situations.

    I wonder if an external hardware midi clock would solve the problem. I heard some bad things about Ableton's internal midi clock. But maybe it's my MOTU 128 midi rack? It works perfectly with other midi devices though. Generally speaking, is it a good idea to use an external midi clock source? I heard it improves stability and audio quality of Ableton. Is it true?

    I'm lost. Please tell me I'm not alone and someone else already experienced the same kind of issues.

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  • The Boy Holty
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    Go to Options > Preferences > MIDI Sync and in the MIDI Ports section find the three grey / yellow buttons for track, Sync and Remote that are associated with the Output line for your soundcard. Click it so the sync button is yellow. 

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  • mauricio.bellerophon
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    Hey I had the same problem, but I was able to solve it once I changed the MIDI clock setting to Ext - USB, and on the preferences my set up looks like this (see link for image). Also Live won't send Clock info unless is playing or recording. One last thing, I have a Microkorg XL +, don't know if it's the same thing


    2 years ago | 0 comments

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