Tascam US2400 Mixer - setup & configure with Ableton Live

I just purchased a used Tascam US2400 USB 24ch. mixer control surface. I am hoping to find one or two others who've made it work for them within Live. I have some questions:

1- When first configuring the Tascam, I am suppose to chose between 5 different control surface modes. Which works best for those working with Ableton? (1- Mackie HUI, 2- Sonar, 3- Digital Performer, 4- Logic or 5 - 'Native')?

2- Once I launch Ableton, navigate to preferences and select the MIDI page, which control surface is recommended? At first glance I would think any one of the three MackieControl, MackieControlXT or MackieControl Classic, however the drop down window offers around 30 different controllers (just NOT the Tascam!). Any tips here would be appreciated.

3- It looks like I need to select 4 control surfaces for this one mixer in Ableton's MIDI preferences and then select the four different MIDI ins & outs. Any tips here?

4- The options below on the ableton MIDI page show all the Tascam Midi inputs with the 3 options: track/sync/remote. Any recommendations here would be ever so appreciated.


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    I managed to get most functions of my US-2400 working with the following setup:

    - Set the Tascam to any of the Mackie Control emulation modes (I haven't found any difference so far, but mine is in Mackie Control for Sonar Mode (Aux 2)).

    - In Live, under the Midi settings, set the following Control Surface settings:

    1 MackieControl Classic, US-2400, US-2400

    2 MackieControl XT, MIDIIN2 (US-2400), MIDIOUT2 (US-2400)

    3 MackieControl XT, MIDIIN3 (US-2400), MIDIOUT3 (US-2400)


    In the list of MIDI Port assignments, leave all of the Tascam ones off for Track, Sync and Remote, except for two things: enable Track for MIDIIN4 (US-2400) and for MIDIOUT4 (US-2400). This is where the joystick sends its data. It can't be mapped as a midi controller, but it shows up as CC data in the clip automation of midi tracks.

    The X-axis is CC2 Breath (Left is 0, right is 127)

    The Y-axis is CC3 (Top is 0, bottom is 127)

    Press NULL: CC0 Bank MSB (value is 09) <-- this shows up in Live as a Program Change to Bank 10.

    Release NULL: CC1 Modulation (value is 09) <-- this is of limited use in Live too, since the automation doesn't switch back once the button is pressed and released again, because the press sends a different message.


    Several things don't work yet, if someone figures out how to to put multiple tracks in solo, or finds a better configuration, I would be very happy!


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