Tascam FW-1884 use, Mackie Protocol, MIDI Programming mode, User MIDI Remote Script, or just Live's MIDI assignment feature?

Trying to decide how to use my fw-1884 in Live. I'm a Sr Software Engineer and I'm considering modifying the User MIDI Remote script because using Mackie Control Emulation setting on the fw-1884 seems to be slightly off. Some things don't work as specified. Some buttons do crazy things. So I'm not very confident in the emulation.

Yet the User script doesn't use all of the controllers I have available (like the eq encoders).

I'm looking at the "Introduction to the Ableton Framework Classes" by Hanz Petrov. to see if I want to assemble the resources and take the time to code something myself.

I could just use the MIDI assignment feature of Live to map controllers but there is no polymorphism (instant mapping when a device changes, f.i.) which at least the User remote script doesn't interfere with.

There's also the possibility to use the fw-1884's MIDI Programming mode which has the same problems moved inside the Tascam instead of Live.

I would like to know how much I can 'blend' methods. Can I use Mackie Emulation with Live MIDI assignment or FW-1884 MIDI Programming mode

Can I hear what you're using, how are other fw-1884 owners using it in  Ableton?

Ultimately, I want a decent Native Control Mode implementation of Live!




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    I've been usin an fw-1884 for years now, and have the same problem...
    Since I'm not a programmer, I'll have to accept this situation.
    Tried the midi programming, but that didn't work properly.
    I also tried using software like midi yoke to get the shortcut panel working, but when it did, a lot of other fuctions went crazy.

    So now i only use it as my central interface and mixer. Some buttons work for changing screens, etc. in Mackie mode, and faders, pan and directional buttons + scrollwheel work fine.
    Any other controls are done by other midi controllers. So if you find a way to get it ALL to work, I would like to hear :-)

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