Tap Tempo w/ Backing Tracks


I'm using Ableton Live to run backing tracks. I would to be able to adjust the tempo using the tap.

This works (backing tracks will adjust tempo to match the tap tempo) however there is some undesirable side effects of the audio while tapping.

I'd describe it has "glitchy" where it sort of starts/stops real or skips slightly while adjusting tempos.

If I stop tapping the glitchyness goes away...but in a live situation this just will not do. I would like to be able to tap the tempo and the backing tracks adjust the tempo without the glitchyness such that you wouldn't really notice any audio gaps while tapping.

Is there some preference settings I need to adjust?

I've seen a few max for live devices such as beat seek that look like it can adjust tempo without introducing audio glitches.

Any advice?? Thanks!

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aggiemike08 2 years ago | 0 comments

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