TAP TEMPO frustration :(

Hey guys,

For the last couple of days I'm trying to find a solution to the probably the most basic thing there is - how to tap tempo in Ableton 9 without messing the whole project up. Still can't find the solution that would make it work. The closest thread I have found so far is this: https://forum.ableton.com/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=183547

I'm having pretty much the same problem with only exception being - the solution doesn't work. When I'm tapping the tempo, all the tracks in my project jump all over the place making it completely impossible to do it. Even when I'm entering the BPM manually without a playback, tracks are ending up being completely out of sync and the only way to put them back into place is to enter the default 120 BPM. Everything that says "Wrap" is off in both Clip view and Preferences and I have tried it in both Arrangement view and Session view.

Please help me somehow Ableton fam, otherwise I won't be able to do my mixdowns and use the audio effects which are linked to BPM in the right way :(

Any assistance is going to be much appreciated! :)


Gladenkovilya 5 years ago | 0 comments

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  • cardinalzin
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    I had the same issue. I swear by info view, so I switched it on (arrow at bottom left of work space). Then I hovered over the tempo and the info view said: 

    [...] The tempo field will appear disabled whenever [...] a tempo master clip is playing.

    It doesn't appear to have anything to do with tapping the tempo, but it still made me look at my master track which had a tempo automation on. I switched this tempo automation off in the master track and lo and behold, I was able to tap the tempo again! 

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  • reganjo1955
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    The skinny:

    This only works correctly when a clip is playing in session view.


    I have had the same issue/confusion forever but now at least I understand that the odd behavior of the music jumping around always happens in the arrangement view. In fact, the link mentioned in the comments above say it towards the bottom of the comment stream.

    Assuming you are trying to discover the tempo through 'tapping' and you do not want the clips tempo changing while you are in discovery, tap tempo works correctly under specific conditions:

    1. If the clip you are  playing is in the Session view, not the arrangement view
    2. The clip you are playing is not warped.

    If the clip is warped when you tap tempo and you are in the session view the behavior is much more predictable; the tempo of the clip changes smoothly, unlike in the arrangement view. That also assumes that the clip is correctly warped. 

    Also, it doesn't seem to matter whether there is tempo automation in the arrangement view. Obviously, if you have some then you will have disabled it while you are tapping and will have to re-enable it later. 

    The Ableton Live documentation is mute about these different behaviors. 

    Would it be desirable to make this work smoothly in Arrangement view? Yes, but I think that would be a slippery slope for the coders since the length of the clip always seems to adjust when it is NOT warped. I bet it is a feature not a bug. 

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  • Gladenkovilya
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    Also, what can be the reason for this: When inserting recorded audio files on channel strips in Ableton 9 they are always completely out of sync if only the tempo is not set on default? I know that it sounds as if warping is still going on, but I have checked and re-checked - it is off everywhere I can only think of :( 

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