Table of Contents with Dummy Midi Clips (Goto Scenes in a huge set)


I DJ my music live; I have ~800 scenes and 40 songs. It gets to be quite a scroll sometimes to get to a specific scene, and when I'm at home creating, or on stage especially, I need to get to a song quickly.

Which is why, on my Novation Remote SL 37, the top left button is reserved for triggering a dummy clip in the first scene of each song. (For example, a dummy midi clip in song one is triggered by the CC10, Channel 1. CC10 Channel 2 goes to the 2nd.)  This works perfectly, as long as my controller is handy, and I have it dialed into the correct template. (Each template is for a different song.)

I'm trying to create 25 or so scenes at the top of the project, so I can just scroll up top, click the title of the song, and (due to "Select on Launch" being selected), have the project jump to the top scene of that song.  I'd love to have just one track, with one clip per scene, sending CC10 Ch 1, and the next scene (for the next song) sending CC10, Ch 2, etc--the same messages as my controller sends.  The only way I see to do it now is to create 25 separate midi tracks (well, 16 actually, because I have to choose a new CC once all 16 channels of CC10 are used up), where each track sends midi info on the Channel selected in the Midi To channel.  So my question is, can I send CC messages and channel info from a clip? And have the next clip in the track send a different Channel number?

As you can imagine with such a large set, the track count is already pretty high, and although I doubt extra midi tracks add too much CPU strain, I'd love to avoid it. (2nd question: how much strain? Is this silly?) Plus now I'm just too curious to let it go! Thanks all.

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    Hi all,


    I did find a solution for this. I now know that Live midi clips cannot send channel info; only the Out settings on midi tracks can do so. '


    I made midi clips with deep, un-useable midi midi notes for each song. Each song has a scene at the top with no stop buttons; I click on the song name, and a midi clip plays C-2. That goes through the track settings to a midi loopback device (IAC on my macbook) and triggers a dummy midi clip in the middle of that scene. Select on Launch is activated in preferences, so I can instantly scroll down 600 scenes to my desired song. The next song in Table of Contents is a C#-2, the next is D-2, and so on. Only needs one track, outputting on one channel. Nice.

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