Syncing two computers: slave has signal but doesn't play


I tried searching for this but couldn't find any answers:

We want to sync a mac (master) and a pc (slave) via midi. The signal goes mac -> firewire cable -> external soundcard -> midi cable -> external soundcard -> firewire cable -> pc.

I think all the settings are right (sending sync and remote out from the mac to the soundcard, receiving both in to the pc from its soundcard).  I get a sync signal on the slave (upper yellow light blinking right next to EXT-button on the upper right). But when I press EXT to start syncing the slave doesn't want to play - doesn't launch clips and doesn't start global play. And oh yeah, the mac master is playing.

We really want to sync them using midi - We tried this trick: and it worked with launching but definately wasn't in sync. And we don't really want to use LAN or a bunch of other software to sync, seems a hassle and might drain cpu..


Thanks! J


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  • scottiedo
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    The method shown in the clip doesn't sync anything. It is simply launching scenes.

    If you want to sync BPM as well you will need to turn on the SYNC option on the output of the master and the input of the slave for the corresponding MIDI ports. Track turned on at the master, remote turned on at the slave.

    Settings Recap:

    Master MIDI Output - Track and Sync On

    Slave MIDI Input - Remote and Sync On

    The Slave has to be put into "Slave Mode" by turning on the External Sync button BEFORE hitting play on the master.

    Also, monitor your sync data from the top left next to the EXT button. The MIDI indicator lights at the top right are too general.

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  • Art Mo De
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    Works perfectly! I let it go for an hour or so with MANY tempo changes, multiple start/stops and everything is in synch. This info allowed me to get there painlessly and flawlessly!. Thanks for passing this info along. For me the key was hitting the EXT button on the slave - didn't know it existed.


    MAC to PC.

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