Syncing Ableton to Traktor tempo while allowing flexibility for position within current bar

I've successfully synced Ableton to the currently playing track in Traktor by using the method described here:

The problem with this method is that while the beats are perfectly in sync, I often find that the bars are out of sync, e.g. Ableton is one or two beats in the bar ahead or behind of Traktor.

One possible solution is to hit the SYNC button in Traktor's metronome panel (as opposed to the SYNC button on a deck) - this effectively stops and restarts Traktor's MIDI clock back to beat 1 of bar 1. It's a bit fiddly - you have to press it a little ahead of time for it to work, just after the last beat of the outgoing bar. This solution is not ideal for me, as generally I am looking at Ableton, not Traktor. Sometimes Traktor will even be on another machine, controlled by another person.

Another solution would be to hook up a MIDI footswitch to the Traktor machine and assign it to the metronome SYNC button via the Controller Manager. I could then control that part remotely.

But, I would prefer it if there was some way to do this within Ableton alone, by observing the incoming MIDI clock and then offsetting it as required. It seems like it should be a common thing to do.

If it is not possible, then I will either write a Max for Live device to do it, or use some kind of intermediate MIDI app.


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  • michael.j.mclaughlin20
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    this was actually the first way that i learned how to sync midi. I would DJ with both, it was amazing.

    I am honestly not sure that this is possible. 

    I would start by seeing if sending a single midi controller note, or clip from ableton through discrete channels (IAC/Midiyoke) is an option for you.

    You can also get simple 3rd party clock apps that will allow you to slave the two to that clock. Just an option.

    You would not be able to do a max for live patch that would be able to do this, however, you could probably just do a max patch that could do this because m4l uses ableton's midi clock only and only sends out of the track port in ableton.

    Does this help?

    I think you guys are on the right track and know what you are doing.

    I am going to shamelessly promote myself, and say that I have programmed for this kind of stuff before, and am willing to give pointers if you need any.

    11 months ago | 1 comment
  • muncu
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    i wish  we can use like  a plug inn      it  will sync  much better than  midi 

    what  about brige ?  is it better   option to use  dj software and ableton  in  sync  ?


    6 months ago | 0 comments
  • UniversalFlyer
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    Any news? How to sync it perfectly?

    1 month ago | 0 comments

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