Synchronizing Live over click track

Obviously Live can synchronize with external gear over MIDI but is it also possible to do this using a simple click track?

I am asking because I am considering getting the little PO devices by Teenage Engineering and it would be huge for me if I could sync them with Live automatically.

These little boxes can both send and receive click tracks over simple 1/8” jacks.

I couldn’t find any info on this anywhere else.


BoddAH 2 years ago | 0 comments

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    Not sure if this works, but theoretically it should.
    If the PO devices can receive an audio signal to sync to, you should also be able to send any audio track from Live into it.
    If so, set up a separate audio track, make your own click track using samples and route that signal to the device.
    You can set it so " sends only" to send the signal without actually hearing it, and it will play at the same tempo as the metronome.

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