Synchronising Arrange Window playhead position when editing Clips


One of my few frustrations with Live is this:

- I play a song in Arrange View and want to change some MIDI notes in a long consolidated Clip.

- I double-click the Clip to edit the MIDI in the Clip window.

- There is no playhead location in the Clip editing window. So I have to fiddle around zooming and scrolling just to find out where the hell the note is that I want to edit!


Does anyone know if there is a way to have the cursor location pulse in the right place, i.e. the same location in the Clip as the playhead in the Arrange window above it, when you double-click a Clip to edit the MIDI?

Logic has such a function, and it's really useful.





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  • michael.j.mclaughlin20
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    I think the best way to accomplish this would be to do the following:

    There is a follow function available where both the arrangement view and the clip overview will follow the playback line as it moves. When you get to your arrangement view location, you have also reached your clip overview location.

    Or you could just loop the clip in the arrangement view, and hit play, allowing the transport bar to loop in the clip overview as well.

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