Switching Push to active Live instance?

Hi All,

I'm an experienced Ableton user and producer, however I appear to have hit a snag with my mobile setup I've been developing for performances.

Some Background -

I have built a 2 PC setup for gigs whereby I have successfully synced the systems together using an external MIDI clock source and both systems are in perfect time. I'm looking to have multiple Ableton instances pre loaded on each system (so that the external MIDI clock will sync all sessions) and perform each track separately.

Issue -

When I have more than one instance of Live running on the one PC Push syncs with the first instance I load, but when I switch to the second instance Push is still synced to the first instance. Is there a way to switch instances and have Push control the active one? I have tried closing the 1st instance but the remaining instance does not automatically sync to it.

This is important because I'm using an external MIDI clock to synchronize the instances and once the clock is running if I have to manually load up an instance (which would be fine if not for this secondary issue) Ableton does not automatically sync to the external clock source without having to start and stop the MIDI clock, which would mess with the performance playing on the second PC.

If anyone in this group has some insight or can assist with pointing me to someone or a site that has some info on this please send it my way.


- Marshal




Marshal A. 2 years ago | 0 comments

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