Switch polarity of sustain pedal with Push

I have a yamaha FC4 sustain pedal.  When I use it with Push the polarity is reversed.  Usually when this happens I can press the pedal while turning on the device I'm using it with and it switches polarity, but this does nothing with Push.  

I've also tried pressing the pedal when unplugging it, when turning Push off, and basically every combination of having the pedal pressed/unpressed, plugged/unplugged, and turning Push on/off and the result is always the same.

To check if it was the pedal I also tried it with my midi keyboard and I was able to reverse the polarity as normal by pushing the pedal in while turning the keyboard on.  Trying it then on Push results in it going back to reverse.




n8tron 4 years ago | 0 comments

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  • [efl] Ableton staff
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    If you have a pedal with "reversed" polarity, often holding down the pedal while plugging in the cable will swap between "normal" and "reversed" polarity, however we recommend checking your accompanying foot pedal manual to clarify this. 

    3 years ago | 5 comments

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