Switch one ableton control off and another one on simultaneously-Midi Mapping


I have an external midi controller set up with a pad to toggle between sending a midi cc<#>=0,cc<#>=127 to ableton on a button press.  I then have set up the Midi mapping to trigger the monitor section (In/Off) of an ableton track.  Each ableton track takes Midi from one device and routes it to another device/channel.  Got that part down.  Pressing the pad once enables the track monitor and again disables it.  Here's the tricky part...

I'm using these to switch between tracks on a synth sound module with different sounds on different midi channels.  I have several pads set up, each with a different cc<#> that triggers its own corresponding ableton track monitor.

The problem is, I need it to work such that when I send a trigger to turn one of ableton's track monitors on, all other track's monitors need to turn off.  I can only have one track active at a time, otherwise I will be transmitting to two different sounds at once (which I already have set up in the synth).

I am using Live 9 (latest version).  The Midi controller is an Arturia Keylab 88.  The synth is a Motif xf6 set up in song mode with the correct layered sounds each on a separate track (thus separate channel).  I currently use my Motif XF8 live, in song mode.  When I need to change sounds/patches, I just change Motif Song tracks, which transmit/receive on independent Midi channels.  Unfortunately, this has to be manual.  I'm trying to cut down on the weight and replace the xf8 with my xf6 and the 88 controller (79 lbs. vs 30). 

I would appreciate any help or pointers anyone can give!  Thanks in advance!


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    I'm exactly in the same situation (even if it's for a different purpose).

    I want to use a cc toggle button to activate a specific track while turning off other ones (not ALL, which is the tricky part because in this case a solo mapping would be ok).

    I can't figure out how to do...

    If you ever found the solution, or if someone can help with a M4L plugin, I would be very very happy...

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