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Yo, I'm fairly new to Ableton, with only about 50 hours of experience, so forgive me if this has a blatantly obvious solution. I have searched multiple times trying to figure out what options Ableton has for pitch automation and I cant find anything satisfactory. Most posts just refer to the Pitch Bend in the midi clip envelopes window, which, as far as I tell, is restricted to the pitch range of your midi controller (I have opened my controller's editor and there's no value box whatsoever to change the pitch bend range; another problem entirely), or if you're trying to pitch bend an audio clip, people refer to the Transposition Modulation in the envelopes window, which won't create a smooth bend for obvious reasons. I should say that I came from FL Studio before using Ableton and I absolutely love the way pitch is automated in midi clips there, because it's just plain easy to make gorgeous slides. Is there anything similar to that? Possibly a plug-in somewhere?

To me, this is something that shouldn't be difficult in any DAW. Every one should have the capability to bend from, for example, C-2 all the way to C8 at any speed. Now, saying that, I'm sure the devs have certainly already thought of that, so I feel I must be overlooking something obvious. 

Any help would be MUCH appreciated! Thanks!

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    So, to anyone who might have had similar issues, after some good ole trial and error, I was able to accomplish the same effect I had been looking for (across multiple projects) through Sampler's built in Pitch Envelope. The function's pretty easy to use once you get used to it, but at the moment I still prefer that universal way FL handles pitch. Hoping that same functionality is in here somewhere and I just haven't found it lol

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