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I purchased suite 9 download so that i could start using it right away since I have my own sample library and etc.

To download the content would cost me the same as to purchase the box.  So tech support told me that I would be able to purchase the box later to have all the associated content on disc. However I am unsure as to what it does exactly contain.

Does the suite 9 box include everything that can be downloaded off the website i.e. Max for live and etc, the 3rd party samples and so on... basically all the packs that can be found on the website like i mentioned before??


I just decided to patch a q to the community. I've been asking tech support the most basic stuff and they've been absolutely excellent in their communication andI just wanted to give them a break.



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    p.s. another thing i wanto know is how ableton knew my user name to be d.p.w.t.???
    Like, i never input that name right...

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    I also ordered the Box of Suite 9, because download all packs will take a lot of time...

    The Box contains the most packs from your account. It doesn't contains the M4L extra packs... so I remember. A few packs you must download but only the smaller ones.

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  • Blendton
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    Hi d.p.w.t. ,


    At first, for your question about your username, when you came here to create an account and/or register a copy of some software, you were asked your e-mail and a "username" too. The username makes the login process more efficient and above all allows you to be a member in our forum.

    If you want your username to be changed (I did it recently), do a request at Ableton's support via e-mail. It's been very fast in my case (asked a working day at 9h00am, done at 9h45am).


    About the box : I recommend it to everyone because of the printed manual and for SOME usefull DVDs. SOME, because DVD1 only contain Suite 9.0, Max for Live is... well... you won't be able to use it without downloading the folowing : Max for Live Essentials --- this one only works on Live Suite 9.0.1, which IS NOT the DVD1's version.

    >>> DVD1 is useless.

    About the other five DVDs, they gather every pack included in the "Your Packs" section from your account. If you worry about one pack's being the last version, if it has been updated, no matter : I prefer to add the one from my DVD, then it's Live Suite 9.0.2 which make it up to date automatically.


    To sum up : if you want everything, you'll have to download every pack tagged "Max for Live" and the latest installer for your OS (since the one from DVD1 is totally useless).


    Kind regards.

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