Suddenly needing a lot more buffer than before...

This is a live 8 question, fyi.

I used to be able to run about 6 or 7 tracks, both midi and recordings, with all their effects running in real time with a buffer size of roughly 125 (or less, as low as 60).  But now (well, when I say now, I mean several months ago, I've been trying to figure this out for a while...)  Anyway, but now I can't even do two tracks at anything less than 1200 samples without getting pops and crackles.

The ridiculous things is that I'm running a pretty decent machine.   I have an iMac with a quad core i7 (hyper threaded) @ 2.97ghz along with 12gb of RAM (upgraded from 4gb, no difference was noticed in performance...).   And yes, this is on OSX 10.9 right now, but it started on 10.8 so I don't believe that the OS is the issue.

Further, the CPU load in Ableton never exceeds 18%, and my computer tells me Ableton never exceeds 31% (out of 800% what with the hyper threaded quad core).  And, on top of this, Ableton is only using 700mb of RAM out of 12gb!  I have a 64bit OS and 64bit Ableton...  Perhaps Ableton is refusing to use all resources available for some unknown reason?

The problem happens no matter what audio interface I use (I have an H4n and a Focusrite Saffire [that's no longer supported on OS10.9, but it had this problem in 10.8]).  

I can't even fathom what has gone wrong, but it's starting to drive me just a little bit batty.  I can no longer do a line in recording with any degree of ease.  Sometimes flattening all the tracks isn't even enough...  If anyone has some solution for this I would really really appreciate it.



Jay Carr 4 years ago | 0 comments

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  • jngrowbeets
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    Im really disappointed that nobody has responded, I'm having the exact same issue with Live 9. I'm running a solid machine as well, but specs are somewhat irrelevant since for a long time it handled 64 buffer across the board , with several tracks at once flawlessly, and now it needs like 512.

    3 years ago | 0 comments

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