Success using Live with TC Electronic D-Two Delay Unit??


Need some technical advise - I have an old TC Electronics D-Two delay unit in our FOH rack which has been used "manually". We have recently started to use Ableton Live to control backing tracks/lights and now want to use it to send midi info (program changes) to the D-Two. Unit is receiving midi data (i.e., indicator light is lighting) but no program changes occurring. This is an older unit and I wonder if compatible with Live. Has anyone had success? Any advice, tips, tricks to make work? All I want to do is send program ... Tried using different banks with program without any luck... And as a bonus question, looking to have it sync to Live for tempoand have not had success there either.

Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



Are you aware of how I need to set up to make work??

Thx in advance.



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    Hey Jeff,

    We used to use a TC Fireworx live, with a bunch of other devices triggered by Live.

    Here's what we did:

    1.  Created empty MIDI clips with output mapped to external device

    2.  Turned off Loop mode on that clip in the MIDI editor pane

    3.  Set the input the bank/sub-bank/program change number in the "Notes" tab of the MIDI editor pane.  This is where it's tricky... some Manufacturers start at 0 and go to 127, others start at 1 and go to 128.  Some trial and error will be necessary.


    Next, setting the "Launch Tempo" in the Scene launch button can be accomplished by right clicking on the Scene and selecting "Edit Launch Tempo"


    After this, in the Live preferences MIDI/Sync tab you'll have to turn on the sync button for the physical output that is connected to the D-Two


    Hope this helps.

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