strange time warping

I have Ozone 6 for mastering.  What I usually do is mix down the track and then open a different Ableton set, and drop the mixed cut into an audio track. It allows me more flexibility, saves computer usage and I like how I can then use the same settings for multiple songs.

I recently came upon a new problem.  I have updated to 9.5. btw.

I'm going back though an old album and remastering the songs.  What I do is move the wav mix into an audio track, master it. delete I and move another song in.  But on the third song, the speed warps.  It starts about the right speed, get faster an slower though out.

I cant figure out what is wrong.  The original wav file mix plays fine through windows.  It is only when I put it in the set, audio.  There is no automation on. The other songs, like this one, were all made in the previous version of Ableton 9.  The other two did not do this.

In fact, they would both play at the right tempo upon dropping the wav in there, even though they are different tempos.

And Ive tried opening a new set, and it still does this.

What am I missing??


Please assist.


amendum:  (see the first comment below also)   OMG. The automation stays there!  I don't know where it came from, but if I go individually and delete all the tempo change marks. Not only does it fuk up other parts of the song, but if I go and click on warp and master/slave, they all come back??


Someone please tell me what this new feature is and how I get rid of it,  I mean keep it from automatically commandeering my tracks.

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