Strange problem: Automation Range for Spire

Hi all,

I setup a controller knob to tweak the LFO of Spire. The weird thing is it jumps pretty immediately to 1/64th notes. If I decrease the max range in the Midi assignment window, I have to keep it at 0.02 for it to give me some hope of stepping through the increments vs. jumping straight to 1/64. 

What's also annoying about this is can't draw in automation b/c a nanometer change in the automation line hits 1/64 immediately.... 

On the device itself in the lane down below (where you drop instruments, effects) if I move the triangle of LFO3 to a horizontal distance longer than the width of this common ( , ) it literally jumps immediately to 1/64. 

Anyone else have this problem? Basically I need the device slider to hit 1/64 when it's at max value not a nanometer.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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Loopscious 1 year ago | 0 comments

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