Stop effects from outlasting the song

I've been struggling with this for months. I use a lot of reverb on my songs and on many occasions, the effects outlast/keep going for quite a while after the song is done. I don't mean after pressing the stop button. I mean that after the song is played completely, it's effect seem to go on for quite some time, very slowly fading out.

What I've been doing: Since extracting the song, as is, will only make the end sound like it was cut short, with the effects ending abruptly, I have been forced to add silence at the end of the song and then to extract it and then to finally re-edit the extracted song and fade out the ending's effect. But this makes my endings longer.

What I'd like to know how to do: How do I set a specific time where the effects should end, or have stopped by. So that for instance, track 1 ends at 3 minutes, and I want the effects of track 2 to end/be faded out by 3 minutes.

I hope I've been clear enough. It's so difficult explaining things without knowing the terms.


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  • Zentropy
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    There's a ton of ways to do this with varying advantages.  Here's the most straightforward way that doesn't accidentally negatively impact anything else:

    Put utility device at the end of the device chain in the track you want to silence.  Automate its Gain parameter to fade/cut wherever you want.  In my picture, track #1 continues playing unaffected.  Track 2 plays the midi, then the reverb echoes as normal until it hits bar 9, then fades to nothing according to that automation.  You can make it fade to silence as slow/fast as you want wherever you want.

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  • Near Earth Object
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    Not sure if you tried this, but my first idea would be to simply fade out the effect taal to the desired length.
    Another option would be to put the reverb on a send track, and automate the amount of send or even the volume of the send.

    In case of the reverb (on a track), also try playing with the parameters like release, dry/wet etc, to see if that helps to shorten the effect tail.

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