Static sound when using plug-ins


I am a complete newb with this program (and any music recording in general...started using it last night) and I've tried to play around with the software and my new interface and I found out what Plug-ins were for, so I decided to install one to add effects to my electric guitar.

Whenever I record my guitar, I hear a fairly loud static noise in the background. I have tried changing the settings of the plug-in (Emissary Ignite to be specific) and the only way to get rid of the static is by just setting the virtual amp's volume to 0.

Whenever I record without a plug in the sound is crystal clear. Maybe it's just the plug in? Now I just remembered it's the same with some other v. amps too.

Is there a way I can fix the static in the background? I understand it is because of all those effects but the videos I watched showing samples of those plug ins didn't have any of that static at all


Thank you for your time.


yerapa 2 years ago | 0 comments

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