Split midi into separate channels

Hi all,

I have a midi drumtrack in session view that I would like to split into separate channels so that I can work with the individual drum.

How can I do this?

Kent J


kenjoswe 3 years ago | 0 comments

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  • celamm
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    I use midisplit (3rd party).  You can split type 0 (many tracks in one file) into different tracks.  Once you do that, you can highlight a new track and split each track by note. Windows only...the UI confused me a bit at first but through fooling around with highlighting tracks then clicking buttons I got it to work.  http://www.davidputman.com/?software=midisplit.htm

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  • CRoy
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    Hi Kent J,

    if you used the drumrack each individual sample will already be in the there own auxiliary track in the drumrack track, just click the arrow next to the name of the track to open them up and work on each one individually. If you used IMPULSE then you would either have to duplicate it 8 times, to get an individual channel for each track, and then remove the midi notes that you don't need from each individual clip. if you used impulse, the easiest way would be to grab each sample individually, put them in a drumrack and edit your clip so that the notes correspond to the ones of drumrack, because by default drumrack sets the samples starting from C1 whereas impulse starts from C3

    Good luck

    Cedric Roy 

    3 years ago | 0 comments

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