Specifying launchpad color via midi clip with sequencer off


I’ve been using a Launchpad to send ClyphX X-control actions to live like described in this post:


I’m trying to figure out a way to use this setup but add in LED feedback from the Launchpad so I can better remember how the X-controls are mapped.

One way to accomplish this is by specifying midi actions in the startup actions section of the ClyphX usersettings file.  This works well but it is painful to add or modify the colors by changing the text file.

As a more user friendly approach I’ve been trying to use a dummy clip in live to send midi velocity messages to the launchpad and specify pad color.

This also works, but whenever I stop live’s sequencer the the pad turns off.

Is there any way use the dummy clip approach and keep the pad lit (midi note on) even when the sequencer is turned off?

Thanks!  Any help is much appreciated.

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