At the moment i use a Echo Mia MIDI soundcard, in a  PCI slot with Ableton Live 9, with Windows 7 and a Intel Core  I 5 processor



Will the total quality of the sound in/out and the lantency be improved when i buy and use the Asus Xonar Essences TX card in a PCI Express slot, a computer with a Intel Core  I 7 processor

I other words is the investment of a new soundcard and a new PC worth whyle?




Jaap van Woerkom




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    So what you are asking is if you will see an improvement over the current latency and quality you are experiencing for the money you put in?

    Might be answerable if there were some indications of what the current latency and quality you are experiencing is to make a comparison. If you are looking for someone who has YOUR card and has upgraded to the choice you have you will be waiting a while.

    Would the cost be justified if you improved overall latency by 20mS?

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