Sound Cuts during Live Set

I have been performing with Ableton for over 7 years now. Recently I've formatted my Mac which I use only for gigs. I am running on OSX Lion (10.7.5) and Ableton Live 8 (8.4.2).

I use the following setup:

Audio Output Device : Komplete Audio 6
In/Out Sample Rate : 44100
Default SR & Pitch Conversion : Normal
Latency Buffer Size : 512 Samples

As a MIDI controller I run with A&H Xone K2.

I never had any issues until last weekend. I had two gigs and experienced the same problem. Randomly during a live set the Ableton freezes for split second and then the audio is gone for a split second and everything continues normally. Any help to try to see from where the issue is coming from?

HDD space is very high as I am only using around 80GB from the available 500GB and my Macbook Pro runs on 8GB or ram.

Help is highly appreciated.


djfilletti 3 years ago | 0 comments

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