sound artifacts after "crop sample" in "sampler"


I'm fascinated by a chopping method of ski beatz: he is chopping a beat with setting some warp markers and using them with "slice to midi" into the "sampler". (check: 

I use his preset ... but I've got a problem when I go a step ahead: 

After I chopped a song via "slice to midi" I like to "crop sample" all parts that I want to maintain for further sessions. So I cut out plenty wave files ... and I also use this waves with other samplers (MPC, S950).

So far so good. 

My only problem with this superfast way of chopping samples is that after i hit the "crop sample" function, THE SAMPLE IS ALWAYS TOO LONG.

I think it's because in "sampler" the length of the whole loop is shorter than the complete cropped sample. there is always some space left between the start of the sample and the beginning of the loop. same with the end of the sample.

is it possible to get rid of this unwanted parts before and after the loop points? When I crop a sample I want its starting point same as its loop starting point.

This is especially annoying when I crop short samples like bassdrums or snares. 

When I "slice to midi" the loop start & end points are equal to the positions of the warp markers I set. Why can't this also be the reference when I crop the sample?

thank you for your feedback!





Atwashere 4 years ago | 0 comments

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