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    So I recently have been setting up a live set in Ableton 9 and i'm mainly a DnB producer and DJ, but I do want to play a song or two from other tempos (128, 140, 150, 160). Now I understand warping songs, I also know about setting certain tempos to certain scenes, and also about mapping the overall tempo to a fader, but my question is about songs that have built in tempo changes. 

I'm having a difficult time figuring out what to do when a song has a tempo change. For example, I have a song at 175 that has a really nice transition to 128, and I do have it warped so Ableton recognizes this, but when it's playing my master tempo is still at 175, so ableton speeds it up because of the way it's warped. 

Does anyone know an easy way to sync up a master tempo change SMOOTHLY with that of a song with a built in tempo change?

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    I solved this with a separate MIDI- Track which controls the tempo. But its a little bit complicated:

    Create a new clip in in the scene you want the tempo-change to happen in an empty MIDI- Track and draw the tempo-changes as an automation for an unused CC (change to the "Envelopes"- Page in the Clip- View and choose as modulation MIDI-Ctrl -> 33 for example) in it.

    Now set the MIDI Output to a virtual MIDI port (on a Mac you can activate virtual MIDI ports in the Audio settings, on Windows you need a Software like MIDI Yoke).

    Enable Remote Control for the input of the chosen virtual MIDI- Port in the Live MIDI settings. Launch the clip, hit the MIDI- Mapping- Button in Live, mark the tempo button and wait until your CC- automation gets mapped to the tempo (happens as soon as something changes in the clip).

    Your mapping appears in the MIDI- mapping table where you can adjust the minimal and maximal values for better control.

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