Some VST's not showing up in my browser

I'm using Live 9.7.5 64 bits on Windows. Recently I installed some plugins from D16 Group (Antresol, Drumazon and Nepheton) but Ableton only shows up Antresol. It also happens with some plugins from ValhallaDSP. In my older computer all the plugins were working flawlessly.

Until now I:

  • Made sure that I was installing the 64 bits version.
  • Ran Live as administrator
  • Re-scanned and renamed the problematic pluggins adding "(64bit).dll"
  • Re-installed all my library of plugins
  • Tried resetting Live
  • Formatted my PC and re-installed again all my library of plugins

I'm desperate for a solution, any idea will be very, very appreciated.


DaveArie 7 months ago | 0 comments

1 answer

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