Solution to Ableton Live 9 playback issues.

Hi everyone,

I spent some time wrestling with the Ableton Live 9 playback issues and I discovered a solution which works every single time (at least for me), regardless of how many patches or channels I am using.

I am sure you have all experienced the terrible playback CPU spikes, broken audio, and distortion.

Turn on Live, load your set and hit play. My playback issues usually start immediately and I am running a 16 GB Ram, i5, so clearly it has something to do with the software itself. At this point I go into Preferences and I change the sample rate from 44100 to 32000. Some of the instruments drop out as certain patches will not work on 32000, not to worry, at this point I switch back to 44100 and all my playback issues are mysteriously fixed and Live runs smoothly. Try it out.




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    So strange but this worked for me also. Thanks for sharing :)

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