Softube Console 1 Ableton Live integration

Ableton Live integration for Console 1 by Softube ...some DAWs already got it


ABQWaves 1 year ago | 3 comments

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  • shotsi673
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    Works quite well at this stage. Still experimenting whether to use VST or Audio Units but AU looks like it has everything you will need re track ID and tracking swaps etc.

    1 year ago | 1 comment
  • Dr.YaYa
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    I think this is about deep integration. It's a shame you need the AU version + naming all the tracks with a # to make track id and naming working. But even after that there is no volume pan and solo integration which more and more other DAWs are getting. It would be so great to see this soon in L10. 

    3 months ago | 0 comments

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