So why does the sample in preview sound good, and in the drum rack the sound sucks

At my wits end with Ableton live. I post questions on here everyday and they never are answered. Starting to think any DAW out there MUST be better than this.


After turning all the effects off, re-dropping the sample into the drum rack, changing the volume, changing the velocity, the sample flat out sounds worse than in the preview.


Ableton... when I preview a sound... thats the sound I want... I want the punch of THAT kick... so what the fuck is going on between the preview and the drum rack.


I've been critical of Ableton before but deep down thought I must not be experienced enough. But something like this is flat out retarded. How is this the 9th version and it works like this?


Any other DAW on the market here I come. Hope I can get the money I wasted back.


dukeeastwood 2 years ago | 0 comments

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