Smooth Tempo Changes to Adjust Hit Points in Video

When working with scoring to video, is there a way to "lock" the tempo of a specific hit point at a specific frame/beat, and then easily have live calculate a smooth accelerando up to the next defined hit point to get it on a specific beat?

For example, let's say I'm at 120bpm, and my first hit point lined up exactly a beat 1 on measure 10. I want the next hit point to be at beat 1 on measure 20, but at 120pbm, it's off by x number of frames.

So, starting at 120bpm at beat 1 measure 10, I'd like to be able to drag my bar lines to beat 1 measure 20 so it lines up exactly to my video, but I don't want to instantly change to the new tempo at bar 10 - I want a smooth change to whatever tempo is needed to get that to align by the time you get to beat 1 measure 20.

MOTU Performer has a feature, where you define a specific frame/beat/tempo start point, and you can then enter the specific beat/frame end point you wish to conform to, and Performer will calculate the accelerando for you - with a curve you define (linear or exponential), to get the beat/frame to match.

Possible? Or am I not even describing what I'm trying to do so it makes sense?


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    Refer to chapter 19.5 of the Ableton User Manual (current version), or "Automation and Editing Envelopes" > "Drawing and editing automation"

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