Slowing tempo and preserving the pitch change

Is there a way to slow the master tempo AND preserve the pitch change that should be occurring?

I can't believe I am asking this.  I remember 25 years ago working with a friend to try and figure out how to slow the tempo of a song and get rid of the pitch change!


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  • ChampDuggan
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    If you're trying to sweep the tempo down on an audio file try changing the settings underneath the segment bpm box. beats has the worst spectral quality, complex pro has the best. Mess with the formants and envelope. the more formant you have the more accurate the pitch, but if you go to high you're going to lose thickness, 128 works well, if you're pitching way down lower the formants, etc. you can mess with them. this being said you're going to need to set your own warp markers and be really conscious of transients or else the hits are going to get washed out and lose their punch. there is also an option where you can pitch the track down and it will respond by slowing its tempo accordingly if you're looking more for the pitch bend than an exact tempo change. you could automate the detuner and bend it down that way. automating the pitch in semi tones will be really choppy but if you do tons of small steps with the detuner it wont be noticeable. hope this helps.

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