Slice to New Midi Track and extremely high memory usage


I've run into an issue for which I'm surprised I haven't heard/seen any complaints (I don't have my ear to the ground or anything, but...).

I have a project that took forever to load (buffering samples) and that was crackling and hiccuping and I noticed that it was using a whopping 7GB of memory (on 8GB machine!).

I finally tracked the memory usage down to a track that contained a drum rack that was the result of slicing a 16 bar sample  by transient (74 slices). It appears that for each slice, the entire sample is buffered i memory - so 74 times.'s much worse than that - that sample is only about 3MB in size, but the track with 74 slices uses about 4-5GB of memory (I watched memory consumption using TaskManager while I deleted the track).

That's crazy, right? I's such a memory hog that it makes the function somewhat dangerous to use (well, dangerous is a little strong, but you know what I mean).

Is there something I'm doing wrong? Is there some setting that will change this behaviour? Has anybody else experience this?




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