Single track/clip export with the group and master automation

Hey guys, maybe it's a dumb question and the answer is quite logic, then I'm sorry, but i haven't found anything wich answers it. Thing is , I have a project with over 150 tracks and i want to export all single tracks with the automation from the groups and the master bus. It's not an option to move the group automation to the single tracks in the group. If i export all single tracks, there is no group/master automation in the single tracks, if i export just one track per one, there is also no group/master automation, also if i settee the track exit to the master/group, only thing that worked was when i made a track solo and exported the master bus. But, if i do this with all 150 tracks, it will take over 15 hours and constant waiting for the next export. So, does any of you guys knowing a solution for my problem? Maybe it's very simple, sorry for my english, would be very thankful for an answer. :) Greets

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