(Simpler/sampler) processing individual samples on same cell

Hello everyone,

I'll try and keep this simple!

I have a drum rack. Let's say I have a kick drum sample on c-2, and there are multiple samples for each velocity contained in a single chain.

In ableton all the samples are loaded in one block in multi sample mode, and it seems that you can't process one sample individually. Even going simpler>sampler doesn't solve the issue, and while I can see each sample in the window, there again doesn't seem to be a way.

So if I press lightly, sample 1, press hard, sample 2 etc - pretty standard stuff.

As of yet I've not found a way to process the samples individually.

For example the issue I'm having with a set of abletons drums is that on low velocity there is far too much bass and I need to cut some, however I can only find a way to process the whole chain of kicks, and not this one sample with the issue.

Another example is a guitar patch where just one sample of many has a really high pitched spike - again I can't seem to process this individual sample.

Surely there is a way?

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karta666 1 year ago | 0 comments

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