Simpler - Getting rid of unwanted slices and original audio

In Simpler, once I've sampled some audio in, put it into slice mode and sliced the audio, often only a few of those slices are useful, but I'm still holding the entire piece of original audio in RAM.

Is there a way to get rid of the unwanted audio, to save RAM, HD space etc, and just keep the desired slices - either within Simper or by automatically converting the useful slices into a drum rack or something?

And delete the original large audio file for good?



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    RAm and HD space are so big nowadays compared to an audio file, that there is no need really to crop the sample. If you insist though, you answered it yourself. slice to drumrack, then delete the cells you don't want. Im pretty sure each cell is still refferencing the original file so its all still there you just dont see it. You could crop the clip down before it goes into sampler. say if you had a full song and you were just slicing the intro or something, but then you just made a new file so you used more hd space (minimal).

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