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First time user of this forum/Q&A page, very new to Ableton Live, using version 9, have searched for an answer but may not be using correct terminology to get the search results I'm looking for. I've also looked in the manual and in the online help but again I could be asking the question wrong and hence I can't find the solution. At least that's what I hope and one of you more experienced Live users will know this one and be able to answer very quickly.

I'm recording a multi-track song with various live and midi instruments, using Live's metronome as my click track, and about half way through I want to change from 116 bpm in 4:4 time to 132 bpm in 3:4 time. However, having recorded the first portion of the song at 116 bpm in 4:4 when I then change to 132 bpm in 3:4 to record the second section of the song, the first section which I recorded at 116 bpm in 4:4 speeds up. Quite a nice feature of Live when you want it, but very annoying when you don't. And it seems to affect the exported audio too, not just the playback within the project.

How do I go about changing time signature and tempo in the middle of the recording so that it only affects the recording after the point of the change?

I do hope it's possible and simple.

Thanks in advance for your help, and apologies for my lack of searching skills.



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    You need to automate the tempo on the Master channel in the Arrangement view. Unfold the Master track, click on the top dropdown menu to select Mixer, then choose Song Tempo from the second dropdown menu. You'll now be able to use the red breakpoint envelope on the Master channel to set the tempo to whatever you like.

    Here's a decent tutorial with pictures:

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    Thank you very much, aurochs.

    I've tried that and it works exactly as I need.


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