Silly problem with Maschine + Ableton Live

Hello All!


I am new to this forum, and new to Ableton Live!  I've decided to learn Ableton Live more out of necessity than out of desire, but I'm already hooked on the possibilities here.

The real reason I'm now using Ableton Live is because of the looping capabilities.  I couldn't get my current set-up - namely the Boss RC-50 Loop Station and Native Instruments Maschine - to sync up properly.  So, I decided to learn Ableton Live to do all my loop-syncing for my live performances.

If anyone else uses Maschine + Ableton Live, you will probably immediately know whatever I am doing wrong.  My silly problem is this:  When I press play, I don't hear the first note in my Maschine pattern!  


Here's my workflow:  I have Maschine REC mode on, but the clip is not record enabled.  I record the beat, and I can hear every note I play.  When I press play and the pattern starts from the beginning, the first note is omitted.  I can see the note in the Maschine pattern sequencer.  When the Maschine pattern loops from the end to the beginning, the note is sounded.  It's only the first first note of the first repetition of the pattern that is omitted.


It's probably just some stupid button I need to push.  Any help?


BTW I am using Ableton Live 8.3 with Maschine 1.7.2 and Mac OS 10.6.8


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  • TheRelease
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    OK guys, luckily I stumbled across this thread which solved my problem:

    If you are using Maschine as an AU within Live, DON'T!  Use the VST instead.  I just switched from the AU to the VST and my silly problem disappeared  :D  stoked.

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  • 7derrick7
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    You have to select "sound batch to midi notes" in Maschines interface's drop down menu... and also make sure that you are playing one of the 16 notes Maschine uses in Live's 128 note stretch... If you are using your keyboard to play midi notes use the "Z" and "X" KEYS to move up and down octaves... 

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  • SimonSemrani
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    I agree don't use AU with Live unless you have to.

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