Significance of dark red automation

When using automation, typically the automation windows appear with a bright red color to indicate that automation is present, but sometimes the automation appears as a dark red color, and I cannot seem to get the bright red color to come back.

I cannot seem to find documentation in the manual that tells you what it is.

What causes the color change, what does it mean, and how I flip back and forth between the two modes?


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    (I'm assuming you're talking about Arrangement view here)

    When you draw in or record automation the automation envelopes are bright red. If you then change the automated parameter on the device/effect/vst itself (by turning a knob or sliding a fader or whatever), the automation envelope turns dark red to indicate that the current setting of the parameter is different from the drawn/recorded automation. You will notice when this is the case, Live doesn't follow the automation envelope anymore and just sticks with the new value you set the parameter to. To go back to the drawn/recorded automation, click the 'Back to arrangement' button on the top of the screen (on the right of the 'OVR' button), this will 're-activate' the automation envelope and it will turn bright red again.

    Ps. The function of this is so you can try a different setting for the automated parameter temporarily. The automation envelope turns dark red to remind you that you changed a parameter and the automation envelope is not active anymore at that moment. 

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