Should I use only Ableton or Ableton/Mainstage if I want this mac to #1 trigger loops (ableton) and #2 pull cool sounds (ableton or MainStage)?

I've been playing in church worship bands for a few years with click/guide running off of a separate computer (we were using Logic) while I used my mac with MainStage to pull up my keyboard's sound samples. Now, I am leading a church worship band and want to setup my gear in the best way. I picked Ableton because it seems to be overwhelmingly the best way to go for loops/click/guide. It is quite the learning curve compared to the multi-track layouts I've been used to.

So, my goal is to #1 trigger loops/click/guide from this mac as well as #2 having awesome keyboard sounds from this same computer.

Is the recommendation to use Ableton to facilitate both of these or to use MainStage to edit my sounds (as I am used to) while it triggers the click/loop tracks in an open Ableton session?

Whether I should use just Ableton, or both Ableton/Mainstage, does anybody know where a generic template might exist so that I can plug and play as I try to figure out Ableton? Wow, Ableton looks foreign to me right now.

I like tweaking sounds and loops, but a big part of my goal is to setup in such a way that I can grab both of these through community sites (loop community, multi tracks, praise charts).

I'm also brand new to the forum action, so hopefully my question is posted in the right place with the right kinds of tags.




three5and6 4 years ago | 0 comments

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