Should I save my samples collection in the Live library?

I have a folder with a lot of samples that I collected from computer music magazine and so on. Should I put this folder into the Live library?

I don't see any advantage, because there is no difference dragging a sample from the finder to Live to dragging it from the library. Or am I missing something?


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    I suppose it's a matter of preference. IMHO, it seems to make sense to have them all together in the same folder. I have my Live library set to open up in the 2nd folder with all my clips, loops, samples, etc.

    A word fo caution, when I added in samples to Live's sample folder, I took it upon myself to arrange all my percussion samples in neat little folders and subfolders (kick: acoustic and electric, snares: acoustic and electric, cymbals with folders for rides, crashes, hats, etc). When I moved Live's samples into the newer subfolders, all my preset drum racks and impulse instruments were ruined. After loading one of the presets, Live would report that media files are missing and would require me to search thru my samples and reload them. 

    So... if you do consolidate your sample collection, just be cautious. Live knows where things are at now. If you move them around, just be prepared to search for them later.

    6 years ago | 0 comments

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