Setting up Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 for Ableton?

Is there a way I can DJ using this controller and Ableton and if so, how can I go about doing so? Thanks c:


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    I guess you can if you mapeverything manually. But the jogwheels probably won't have any use. Reason for that is that Live does not work like dedicated DJ software (where you can 'nudge' separate tracks to get them synced). Live only works as dj software if you make sure all loaded tracks are warped/synced correctly. After that there is no need for jogwheels, only triggers to start clips/tracks. Faders and knobs might be useful, if you map them to the desired devices. But this controller is not made for Live, only for dedicated dj software. So if i were you, I'd use it for dj software and maybe sync Live separately. Or get a controller that already works with Live and has a corresponding script/mapping. Because this is not an ideal combination. Hope this helps!

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