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Anyone had experience setting up Live on a new computer? I thought I could copy Library over from one hard drive to another, but that doesn't seem to have worked. 

Similarly with Packs. As many of the original installation packs used to set up the old computer have been lost and the packs are there in Places>Packs, I thought I could copy them over and direct live to this directory.

But that doesn't seem to work either. Not all the packs installed on the old 'puter are available on the new computer: most are "greyed out." That said, many if not most of these appear to be Legacy packs.

Now I am moving from a OS10.9.5 to 10.12.1. Should that signify?

Wondering if anyone has experience with this to share? 




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    Live has to be installed, it probably can't be moved. As for the packs, I'm using Windows, so it might be different, but right clicking on the packs in places should give you the option to see where on your hard drive they are located, and you can try moving those files to your new computer.

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    Works the same on Mac OS. I was able to copy the whole lot between relevant drives and right click and find them . . . Thanks for the tip.


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