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Hi.  Iv'e searched everywhere and can't seem to get an answer to my question.  I want to set up a couple of mix busses such as kick & bass, all synths, drums…when I try to set up an audio track and route all the sounds to this channel the sounds seem to double up.  I tried to use a send return channel but the changes I make in the mix buss do not effect the sound of the effects I set up as return channels as well so the reverb is still using the original sound without the effects I add in the mix buss.  Is there anyway to set up the buss with an audio channel and not have any doubling up of all the sounds?  Thanks.    


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    If you are routing an audio track to a sub track (Send or dedicated mixing bus) you will need to disable the audio on the original track (set to OFF) to avoid doubling up.

    Also consider you can GROUP tracks together if you want to add a common FX to a selection of tracks and have a master volume control. 

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