Setting Up A Live Looping Template in Ableton with Push 2


I am having a problem with using Push 2 effective for a live looping template. The main problem is arming tracks easily and controlling all my melodies by my midi keyboard. Also i will be recording couple of audio on the fly.

I tried to run it with all tracks armed, it works for audio (for just a mic) but all the melodic instruments -which takes midi signal from the same device- work in the same time.

Also auto arming didn't work for me coz in this case i need to push twice an empty slot, first to choose it, second to start recording.

I tried some midi routing devices from Max4Live but i had the same problem.

I'd like to be able to record just an instrument when i push the clip slot without trying to arm, and when i go for the other instrument, i need to just push the empty clip slot to be able to record my loop.

I want to control multiple instruments from with midi controller easily on the fly.

There is en example here about what i am trying to do;

I will be greatful for some help about it.

Thank you...

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