Session view help needed... RE: looping without warping

Session view is not letting me set loops that aren't warped to the projects tempo to loop infinitely. Is there a way around this? I do not want to open a new session every time I change tempo


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  • Warrior Bob
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    There is no good way around it that I know of; I believe Live requires that clips have warping enabled in order to be looped. You don't have to have warp markers everywhere though, just have looping enabled.

    Fortunately, I believe all of the non-complex warping modes don't mess with your audio at all so long as the seg. bpm for each warp marker is exactly the same as the current global tempo. Ableton did some tests to verify this.

    You can sort of get around this by loading your sample into Sampler and using that for looping without respect to tempo, although you lose a lot of the nice clip view features and easy integration with session view since you're basically playing it like an instrument.

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  • poisonfruitloop
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    Another way to do it is to move the sample from session view into arrangement, then consolidate it.

    Then move the sample back into session view and it will be loop-able as its warped to the current tempo, but un-altered.

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  • Stefanoni
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    great !!


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  • frangments of fiction
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    This is great. But if I want to to it LIVE without looking at the screen?

    With a controller. I would need to be able to set the follow action before I create the clip.

    Can I put settings for new clips upfront?



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  • 2dicaabl Ableton staff
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    Hi, I think the solution you're looking for is Follow Actions.

    From the warp button look to the very bottom left-hand side of the clip view - and click on the L to view the Launch box. 

    • Once open you will see the words Follow Actions.
    • Directly under that the numbers 1.0.0. This is where you will set your timing
    • And directly below that are two empty boxes. Click on the left box and select "Play again"
    • Adjust your timing above that - 1.0.0 represents a "play again" time of one bar. 0.1.0 equals one beat, etc

    Click play on the clip now to launch it and your "play again" action should start.

    I hope this helps. Have fun!


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