Session automation question!

Hi all!

So I'm working in session view with my drumloop and want to make a new clip with a breakdown.

I duplicate the clip with my Push 2, and add a eq8 and record some automation, cutting out the bass and highs. Sweet, a clip with filter drums! So far so good. 

However, the previous clip with no eq8 automation, get stuck some other values than default.

This means I have to record some default automation on this clip, to keep it from "collapsing" when launching it. 

So every time you add an effect and automate it in session view, and want that to be tied to that specific clip and not affect all the other clips, you would have to go thru them all and record some default values.

How do you guys get around this? I would like to stay in session view as long as possible and be able to do this with my Push, but cant really figure out an workaround. 

Any help appreciated. Thanks!

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bantheboy 1 year ago | 0 comments

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