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I'm in a cover band that consists of a drummer, a guitarist, and a singer. I need Bass coming out of the speakers or any other instrument that isn't in the band. In the drummer's headphones i would need the song that we're covering or a click track so the drummer is in time with the bass. Of course I wouldn't want the song to be playing out of the speakers. I have an interface and a mixer. I plug headphones into the interface, and cables are connected from the interface's monitor outputs to one channel on the mixer. I don't know how to route these different tracks on live's software. I know to go under preferences and assign the output to the interface, other than that i'm really confused. Headphones - one track, Speakers - another track. What buttons do i click on live's software to achieve this goal? Please help.


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  • Warrior Bob
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    Look into using Return Tracks and Sends, and routing those to separate hardware outputs. The manual (and I think the built-in lessons) have plenty of information on how to do this, now that you know the names to look for.

    You can make a separate "mix" for each return, and therefore for each output. You'll need enough hardware outputs on your interface to handle this.

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