Sending MIDI CCs only once

I have an external drum machine (Tanzbar) whose sound parameters can be controlled via MIDI CCs. For each song I make I want the machine to have a specific sound for its different drum parts. For this I must send a specific set of CC values for it to receive and modulate the parameters accordingly, so I get the sound I weant (like a preset). 

From what I know Ableton Live can only send MIDI CCs via automation but this implies changes over time. It won't send a CC that does not change over time! Is it possible to send MIDI CCs only once to a hardware?

For example, I want the bass drum to be tuned to a D for a particular song. I see that that means sending CC number 3 a value of 94. How would I do this in Live? There is a tedious way which implies going through all the individual CC envelopes and start them all at 0 and then move to the desired value and keep it there and send this at the beggingin of the song before it starts to "tune" the instrument. Is tehre any other way, maybe even an external hardware midi controller (like the novation Remote SL) that could do this - send a bunch of CC values at the same time as a kind of presets?

Thank you.


Audiophillic 3 years ago | 0 comments

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